Food Safety Inspections

The Green River District Health Department inspects businesses that prepare, sale, or serve food to the public.  Unannounced inspections are preformed on each facility at least twice a year.  The Kentucky Retail Food code defines a satisfactory inspection score as an 85% or above with no critical violations cited.  If a facility fails to obtain a passing score, the business is ordered in writing to correct violations and a follow-up inspection is scheduled.  Businesses that fail to correct these violations are subject to further enforcement action.

To search for food inspection scores please fill out the following information and click the search button. For the Food Violations Code Key please click here. (NOTE: Scores updated on 9/13/16)

Establishment Name: County: Grade:

Grading System

  • A - 85-100% with no critical violations.
  • B - Failed two consecutive regular inspections or a follow-up inspection.
  • C - Any critical violations or 84% and below.
  • N/A - Establishment sells prepackaged foods only and does not receive a letter grade.

For more information regarding the restaurant A, B, C Grading system please click here.